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Bike Blessing
Christian Church, Nevada, Iowa
May 17, 2009

Our first annual bike blessing at FCC !
First bike blessed was a Schwinn belonging to our newest church member, Oscar Thrasher.
Danny Bagley, Scott Ellingson, Harold Turner, and Frank and Connie James also had their bikes blessed.
What an awesome ministry.
Thanks to everyone who participated.
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Blanket Donation

Monday, 5/18/2009 Nevada First Responder President Dean Tope and Fire Chief Dana Wipperman accept a donation of 24 blankets from Bob Hathaway on behalf of the Outreach Committee of First Christian Church (Disciples of Christ).
Recently, the Nevada Journal reported on the status of Nevada First Responders, issuing a plea to the community for cast off blankets. The blankets are used to provide warmth, protection from broken glass and other hazards, and to provide for patient modesty while being attended to at accident scenes and other emergencies. Although the blankets can sometimes be washed, they are frequently soiled to the point that they must be discarded.
The Outreach Committee of First Christian Church heard and responded to the plea with a donation of two dozen ‘humanitarian blankets.’ The fire resistant blankets are 30% wool, and can be machine washed. On behalf of the church, Elder Hathaway presented the blankets, and expressed appreciation for the thousands of hours volunteers of the Fire and First Responder Departments provide to the community each year.



Food at First

I think it was 33 people from Nevada community and 9 FCC members and friends of the church. I had my hamburger patties at home and Haley's had purchased the rest so I picked them up at the church. That morning I saw Ron mowing the church yard and had talked to Dianna who was busy waiting to become a Grandma again. I prepared the meat at home so we would have NO grease mess to deal with in our clean up at the Methodist Church. Everyone was grateful for that. The buns were donated by a family who had them leftover from their child's graduation. There was enough for 60 people.

There were many comments on how well I had this event organized and I could only comment back with, "Thank you, I like doing this." Then I realized I used a gift God gave me. I showed all our helper the In's and Out's of the Food at First layout. Now, many from our church members can be in charge on different months.

We had continuously good conversation and laughter during the 4 hours we were there. Jan Ferriss and Jan Hathaway stopped in with their baked goods. Dorothy Thompson brought potato salad and stayed for the dinner. Anna stopped by with a camera, which we had a good time with.

Everyone who volunteered to help serve brought an item for the meal. A farmer outside of town gave us fresh lettuce and spinach leaves to serve. I asked everyone (Marcella and Kenny, Sharon and Kayla, Irene, Mary Jo and Thelma to choose a station to be at in the serving line and they liked the fact that they got a choice. Jo Ann Hunt was very helpful to us when she explained how to keep a serving line moving. Mary Jo gave grace and we greeted and served our brothers and sisters with open hearts.

This event is for everyone. I personally have met several new people and made one new friendship. It was just a delightful day for me. I was in a very emotional state, do to some personal problem and I chose to share that with my FCC friends. You people are wonderful. I got to see daily tasks go on, hear of a new life, feel compassion from my friends and enjoy fellowship with the community. I truly saw God's work being done and enjoyed by all.

We had a discussion and have chosen to do this again on the 4th Thursday of every other month. That gives us July 23 and September 24. Food at First stated the November 26 evening meal (which would have been our meal) will be canceled as our church does the Thanksgiving meal at lunch time on that Thursday. That will take care of 2009.

The best description of the event I can think of is "We had as much fun as we had Potato Salad. Lots"

Thank you, pray daily and feel the spirit
Carol T

Click the link to view the Food at First video, with FCC helpers.
Food at First




On Saturday, July 17, the Young Disciples missionaries gathered at the church for breakfast. Several friends and family members joined us for a time of prayer before we headed West. We spent the night at First Christian Church in North Platte, Nebraska. Sunday morning, we worshipped with the North Platte congregation, and had lunch with Pastor Cindy Ballard and her husband before continuing our trip to Loveland, Colorado.

When we reached Loveland, we settled in at St. John’s School with about 110 others from around the country. Camped out in sleeping bags on classroom floors, we expanded our family of friends to include young Christians from eight other youth groups of at least three other denominations in five states.

Each day, we all ate breakfast together, then split into 19 work crews and went out into Loveland and the surrounding communities to do all kinds of projects. The nine of us from Nevada were on eight different crews, serving at a Boys and Girls club; helping at the warehouse of an international ministry; working with Alzheimer’s patients, mentally handicapped adults, and special needs children; and doing yardwork for local residents. At the end of the workday, we showered and returned to St. John’s for dinner, worship, and fellowship.

Our last full day in Colorado was Friday, July 23. We said our goodbyes to our new friends and thanked our Mission Hosts, then headed deeper into the mountains. Most of the day was spent hiking through Rocky Mountain National Park, visiting Alberta Falls and Bear Lake, and enjoying each other in the beauty of God’s creation. After spending the night at FCC Loveland, we drove all the way home on Saturday, July 24.

If you were in church on August 1st, you got just a taste of the stories and experiences while on the trip. Please feel free to ask any of us for more (especially the stories of our MANY “God Sightings”), or to see more pictures! THANK YOU for your prayers and support! Excitement is already building for our next trip!

- Tasha, Kayla, Haley, Delaney, Irene, Jaccob, Dylan, Dan, & Anna

From left: Bob Hathaway, Dana Wipperman (back row),
Dean Tope


Good Samaritan BBQ
June 18, 2009

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Hope Ministries Workday

On Saturday, August 8th, Haley Ellingson, Tasha Robinson, Irene Nickerson, Mary Jo Johnson, and Anna Arnold went to Des Moines to work with Hope Ministries. The day began at the Hope Bargain Center, where they sorted clothing donations, replaced hangers, and spent time with Hope employees Tammy and Rodney.
From there, Hope officer David escorted them to the Hope Family Center and explained more about the mission of their ministry. Next, the group went with David to the Bethel Mission to eat lunch with some of the community members and facility residents. They got to tour the facility and hear more from David about the Hope program. After Bethel, David took the group to the tent camps along the Raccoon River to deliver supplies and talk to some of the people living there.
Far more important than the physical work of the day were the conversations and the lessons – please feel free to ask any of these gals about it! Another service trip will be planned for this fall.

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Young Disciples "Mountain Mission" video

Click the link to view the "Mountain Mission" video
Week of Hope video