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“We always thank God, the Father of our Lord Jesus Christ, when we pray for you...”
                                         - Colossians 1:3


Youth Group

Wednesday, November 13, 6-7pm at FCC For a night of fun, fellowship and goopy Christmas card love. We’ll share ideas and create beautiful works of art to be sent to loved ones this holiday season. Parents, grandparents, and older youth are welcome to come participate in any event. Questions?
Elaine Axmear, Laural Beaty, Jeanna Holm, Sharon Little, Anjeanette Perkins


Save the Date:

Youth Retreat in Osceola: Friday and Sat., February 28 – March 1, 2014, at First Christian in Osceola. More information and registration will be on the website as the date draws closer. www.uppermidwestcc.org . Theme : "Got Questions? Jesus Did Too!"




Harmony Clothing Closet

Open Monday’s 4:30 to 7:00 p.m. and Saturday’s 8am to noon, Volunteers needed (especially Saturday’s), donations welcome, Call or email Jodi Knox 382-6509, parishlife@midiowa.net


2014 Trip to the Holy Land

Retired Regional Minister Don Hiscox is planning a trip to the Holy Land for 2014.
Details, including dates and cost, aren't finalized yet. But if you're interested in considering this trip, let Don know at don.d.hiscoc@gmail.com. You don't have to commit to the trip to let Don know you'd like more information



Ministry with the Community and World

You’re invited to the CROP Walk meeting to reorganize for a spring Nevada CROP Walk. The meeting is Tuesday, November 12 at 7:00 pm at Memorial Lutheran. The meeting will be held in Room 201 on the southeast side of the building. Pastor Russ Melby, Iowa director of Church World Service, will be here to help organize the new CROP Walk group.

Becoming a just, peace-making church

In response to an action of the 2009 General Assembly of the Christian Church (Disciples of Christ) to refer resolution #0919 "On War and Unity" to the Council on Christian Unity and to the Disciples Peace Fellowship, a process was designed (called "Faithful Conversations") in which issues of war and peace could be discussed in a non- confrontational atmosphere of trust and respect -- without moving to a vote, and without creating division and a sense of "winners and losers" within the family of the church.

Building upon conversations that have taken place over the past four years in congregations and regional settings, the Council on Christian Unity has produced a statement that it hopes might serve as a resource for discussion of the ways in which God's justice and peace are understood in today's world. This statement, Becoming a Just Peace-Making Church, is now offered as a working draft to all Disciples congregations, regions, institutions of higher education, seminaries and general ministries for study, discussion and response; it can be found online at ccu.disiples.org.

Please send your any comments, suggestions, and response to Robert Welsh, president of the Council on Christian Unity, at rwelsh@ccu.disciples.org



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Big Thanks to all who donated and served October 19th for the Harvest Dinner.


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To share news, announcements, prayer concerns, or praise reports, contact:
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